Project MaYa

Project MaYa, a custom version of the Dariel UP design developed in conjunction with Stephen Crone of Acronautic specifically to achieve the requirements of a luxury high speed yacht.

This project has been developed specifically for a client requesting a large ultra luxurious yacht suitable for short adventures to nearby islands and overnight getaways. With opulent comfort, the layout has been modified to maximize the living area for a couple + 2 crew rather than the typical multiple cabin configuration in yachts of this size.

The prerequisites for cruising speeds of 35knots and maximum in excess of 50 knots shall be achieved through MAN 12V – 1800hp engines coupled to Arneson ASD14 Drives. This vessel boasts a length of 20m (66ft) and a massive beam of 5m (16.5ft) to achieve a optimal configuration including a lounge, galley and accommodation a spacious interior.

The cabin configuration has a full beam master suite forward and a twin bed crew cabin aft specifically designed for a couples romantic weekend away with 5 star service from the crew.

The design has been a collaboration between Dariel & Stephen Crone of Acronautic who represents the brand in Asia Pacific.

“This vessel is specifically designed and equipped as a high speed day boat and floating beach club, the focus being an interaction with the sea through ease of access to the water and meticulously refined relaxation areas. The unique large spacious interior optimizes luxurious comfort rather than space..” Stephen Crone

Stephen Crone, Managing Director of Acronautic provides specialist yacht management, professional consultation and client representation for unique projects under 30m throughout Asia & Australia.

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