Dariel Tenders on M/Y Maidelle

Icon yachts have recently launched the new 62.5m superyacht M/Y Maidelle in the Netherlands and carries a Dariel DT7 Jet tender and Dariel DT7.5 Stern drive tender onboard for passenger transfers and watersports.

M/Y Maidelle carries 2 Dariel DT7 custom tenders

This yacht which was specially designed for the experienced Owner with an exterior design from high-class Redman Whiteley Dixon Design and a tasteful interior design from Cristiano Gatto. The key factor in the lay-out indicates the Owner’s need to create wide entertainment areas, both formal and informal, to share with his guests, but it also reflects his need to allow himself spacious rooms for his privacy.”

This all is reflected in the 17-meters long main saloon, the outdoor area and the Owner’s cabin, which is divided in two decks with a direct link to a panoramic saloon for moments of family privacy. Maidelle offers serene but elegant spaces, classic yet noble in their finishing. Richness is shown in detail’s care, for example, the choice of citron tree for the wardrobe interiors, which perfumes linen and stimulates olfactory sensations.

Lloyds registered, MCA compliant, Maidelle offers special features; the special choice of woods, like mahogany, rosewood, ebony and walnut canaletto, all with glossy finishing, and balanced by the presence of natural stones such as Spain natural stone treated with oils. ICON Yachts is set to deliver Maidelle to the owner this summer.

Guests shall enjoy the Dariel tenders carried onboard in the specifically designed garages. The Dariel DT7 tenders are a stylish, elegant, high performance rigid inflatable boat and have custom designed for this yacht. The Jet can safely reach speeds in excess of 40 knots and is rated to carry 13 passengers.

DARIEL DT7 Superyacht Tender

DARIEL DT7 Superyacht Tender







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